This is a Tumblr for the superpowers-based roleplay Destine Enormity.

DE is set in the city of Arcadia, where having powers is the norm and those who lack them are cruelly oppressed. Arcadia is ruled over by the dictatorial Wiseman and kept in line by their militant police force, the Elite. The only hope for freedom are the chaotic rebels who call themselves the Messiah Complex.

In a world with no heroes, which side will you choose? And more importantly . . . will you survive to reap the benefits of your choice?

28th August 2013

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Byron from Guilded Age is a remarkable lookalike for Destine Enormity’s Dorian Smith.

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    I can’t find any pictures of Dorian and this is the #1 Google result about him, so I’ll… take your word for it?
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