This is a Tumblr for the superpowers-based roleplay Destine Enormity.

DE is set in the city of Arcadia, where having powers is the norm and those who lack them are cruelly oppressed. Arcadia is ruled over by the dictatorial Wiseman and kept in line by their militant police force, the Elite. The only hope for freedom are the chaotic rebels who call themselves the Messiah Complex.

In a world with no heroes, which side will you choose? And more importantly . . . will you survive to reap the benefits of your choice?

6th April 2014

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Anonymous said: It's great and all that a lot of people are getting behind diverse sexuality (I genuinely get so amped up that minority sexualities are getting represented so much more!) but I'd love if more people would spare thoughts to gender diversity as well! As a transman, I'd love to see more gender diversity because sometimes I feel as though I'm the only one making trans characters. Especially characters that incorporate both sexuality AND gender diversity! Where are all the trans babies at???

Some of them are at Destine Enormity! We’ve got a trans man, a genderqueer person, and at least one more genderqueer character on the way. You should come check us out, anon!

14th March 2014

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In the Service of Liars and Killers (Ant as an Elite Spy au)

The first thing Valentine Svarc noticed about Antoinette Durante, the girl Dimitri Ener had brought to him, was how expressive she was. How she wore her emotions on her sleeve. One would think that it made for a bad spy, but Val believed the opposite to be true. If he could help her tame those reactions, control them…she could be one of the best in the business.

So he taught her everything. She resisted his lessons at first, fought back at every turn…but in time, she calmed. She opened herself more to his teachings. Her heart was still a bit too soft for his liking but, well, that would also change with time and experience. 

She slowly morphed into a specialist. Her honesty, her slight stature, and her traditionally pretty face made for an excellent damsel, perfect for men with hero complexes. They would think they were saving her when, in reality, she was a serpent in their garden, sowing distrust and discord.

Then, when the time was right, every member would be snapped up at once without warning. To those uninvolved, they had simply vanished into the ether. And the girl known as Antoinette Richard would return to her life…while Antoinette Durante would attend celebrations with him over her victories. His victories. Theirs. He was her handler and she his ace in the hole.

Still….as of late…with this new mission to apprehend Lamont Price, she seemed…different. Distant, especially from him. It was taking far longer than anticipated. He worried she was in danger but…when he would tail them, she seemed…unusually happy. She had never smiled at him that way…

It made him nervous. Perhaps it was time he pushed their plans forward himself. The girl’s heart had always been far too soft, after all…she would forgive him. Probably.

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5th January 2014



Anya walked into the Wiseman’s office, nervous beyond all measure. She had no idea why she’d been called here, and no idea what she could have possibly been caught doing.

LeBlanc looked at her with stern eyes, more than a little bit cold in her gaze. “Ms. Mori, do you know why I’ve called you here?”

LeBlanc motions to an Elite guard who leaves the room, locking the door from the outside. The windows are completely shut, and only a single overhead light is illuminating the room.

“No ma’am…” Anya began, eyes fixated on the floor as she tried to find a better answer for her superior.

LeBlanc stood from her desk, walking briskly to the young woman and grabbing her jaw, jerking Anya’s face to look at her. “Ms. Mori! I have lived through many, many things, but I will not tolerate some young woman being so insolent as to not even look me in the eye when I am speaking to her!”

LeBlanc stepped back, convinced, and rightfully so, that Anya would not look away again. “Alright now, dearest…. Now that that is over with, we shall have to find an appropriate punishment…”

Anya felt her heart drop. She broke out into a cold sweat and cried out without thinking. “but what did I do?!”

LeBlanc slapped the young woman for the outburst. “You are at fault when your elders and betters tell you that you are at fault. Do you understand, dearie?”

Anya nodded, tears coming to her eyes. The entire situation was just completely overwhelming. She had no idea what was happening or why she was here. All she knew was that something horrible was about to happen.

“Drop to your knees, dear.” LeBlanc said sweetly, with a suddenness that insinuated that she had just come to the decision as she said it.

Anya agreed immediately, lowering herself slowly so that she could maintain eye contact at all times. She didn’t want to anger this woman again, for fear of being truly hurt with no chance at retaliation.

LeBlanc slowly slid the black and red pants of her Wiseman uniform, along with her bloomers underneath, to the floor. “I have been a widow for quite some time, dear. It seems I’ve been missing some….well, some contact. It looks to me like there is a mark against your record for insubordination, and it would be a lovely thing to see that disappear….”

Tears swept down Anya’s face as LeBlanc came closer, and the elderly woman’s genitalia came closer to her face. LeBlanc made very little noise through all of it, though Anya held back her desire to vomit or sob, and soon enough, the old woman had had enough.  

LeBlanc, prim and proper as always, pulled her clothing back on and returned to the desk as if nothing had happened. She pressed a button, and the door was unlocked. “That is all, Ms. Mori. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

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4th January 2014

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It was strange, being in love with a girl.

It didn’t frighten her so much as puzzle her. She didn’t mind that it was a girl, or all the thoughts that were running through her head about being with a girl. 

She just found herself fretting about things she’d never batted an eyelid at before. Did her hair look okay? Was her shirt creased? Something she berated herself for at every turn. Her job was to get bloody and dirty, she’d spent her life looking like a scarecrow, so why should it matter now?

Maybe it was just the girl in question, she was a few years younger, and so much more innocent - which already made Resa feel dirty. She already knew she became overprotective of people, and the way Louisa looked at her sometimes made her worry that she already knew.

She had a boyfriend, so that made it okay to put her feelings aside for a while. The girl often came to her at night, over a hot drink, to ask about boys and love and relationships. It was very funny, and cute how she blushed when Resa teased her about the carnal things in life. Honestly, she wished she could tell Fisher to hurry up and do something, just so he could see how amazingly adorable she was when she blushed.

Resa was assuming of course, that he didn’t already know.

One day, it went wrong. Fisher had forgotten her, and Louisa was in tears. Part of her wanted to knock his teeth in for breaking her heart, but she knew it wasn’t his fault, knew that Louisa wouldn’t appreciate it.

But that excuse she’d held onto for so long - that Louisa was taken, was gone, and the feelings came back in a rush. She started hoping, wondering.

It was months before she came to any sort of decision. She made a promise to herself that she would do anything she could to get Fisher back, to make Louisa happy, to get them back together. Anything. Her feelings didn’t matter. She told that to herself over and over. It was a promise.

She broke it anyway.

It was one night, when Louisa couldn’t sleep again, and they were talking at the kitchen table, that Louisa gave her a sad smile. She told her she’d let Fisher go, that he was happy, that she was okay with just being friends, that she’d been ‘okay’ with it for a while now.

Resa could see the truth: That she wasn’t okay, that she still loved Fisher.

And still she couldn’t stop herself kneeling next to her on her chair, taking her face in her hands, and wiping away imaginary tears as she kissed her.

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4th January 2014



After the battle, the adults went to clean up. Eileen and Leo sat on the wall there. Eileen lit up a smoke. 

"So," she said after a few puffs on her cigarette. "Wanna fuck?"

Leo perked up. “Leo thinks that’s great idea!”


Afterwards, Eileen lit another cigarette, leaning back on Leo’s chest and said, “I didn’t expect it to be so … spikey.”

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3rd January 2014



Sven allowed the older man enter his mind without resistance, feeling his own memories becoming his and at times he got bits of his own mind. It was mutual, he was paid, everyone wins in this.

It was like an addiction really.

Emily was dead, Rowan has been keeping himself distanced more and more now, and he was the one left in control now. He didn’t really notice it at first- what grown man wouldn’t love the independence of living in his own home, calling his own shots.

But to hold the reigns… everyday. Every hour. Every second. He found himself craving for being controlled. It got to the point to where he got a pleasurable rise from hearing the other lawer objecting to his statements or the judge dismissing his own. It can’t be done like that. Should never be done like that.

He needed an outlet.

And having his body being… puppeteered about, having no control over his own damn voice… was exhilarating. He didn’t care that it was wrong. He didn’t care that it was getting difficult to explain to Ellie. Who was he hurting really? 

What was worse was… even with all this. He wanted more.

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3rd January 2014



Dorian was feeling…well, he was feeling extremely out of it. It was as if he hadn’t felt the touch of another man in an eternity. It didn’t bother him all of the time, but at this very moment, he sorely missed the intimate nights he used to have, so when he entered the underground, frustration came very easily. 

Ant wasn’t there…Price wasn’t there…Hell, even Ackerly wasn’t there. The only person, it seemed, who had bothered to stay in the base tonight was Noah, who was in the shower.

Dorian knocked on the door. He needed to hand off the message to someone, so it might as well be Noah.

“One minute…” Noah yelled out from inside. Moments later the water turned off, and Noah was standing in a towel. “Oh…uh, hey. Do you need something?”

“Umm…” was all Dorian managed to get out. He stood there for a moment just looking at the man’s muscular form. He knew it was a bad idea, but feeling as deprived as he had, he pressed himself against Noah and kissed him passionately.

Noah, caught off guard, dropped the towel much to Dorian’s delight. Dorian reached down and grabbed what he could, moving his hand back and forth slowly. Noah gasped, and pushed Dorian back, but not out of objection. Price’s words rang through his head again, and he decided to do something, rather than sit there and just think about it.  

He stripped Dorian, smacking the man’s hands away at any attempt to touch him, then turned Dorian around. Both men grunted in almost perfect unison at the initial contact, and before long Noah found his release inside of a man he hadn’t even expected this evening.

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2nd January 2014



She didn’t know much about him, just that he was tangentially apart of the MC, and that Ant had warned her away from him. 

Well, when you gave her information like that she just had to play ball.

As expected of a man labeled as ‘trouble,’ he propositioned her just moments after they’d met. This surprised her, since she wasn’t particularly attractive or curvaceous by any means. But she found him interesting, and entertaining at times, so she just shrugged.


They went back to her room - mostly because she knew where her guns were should she need them, and spent the night in. She enjoyed it a lot more than she expected. 

She’d found a pack of Maitho’s cigarettes, and offered him one, which he declined. He then offered her a drink from a flask he kept by the bedside, which she accepted. 

They went for another round after that, which was a lot better than the first, and she fell asleep next to him. 

Later, sometime before dawn, she left the bed to go on patrol. The slight buzzing of her second mobile had woken her, but she hadn’t realised it had woken him as well.

She had her jeans on, and was searching the sheets for her shirt - never minding the bra - when she realised he had rolled over and was looking at her. She froze, blinking a few times, and he grinned.

"Just where are you going sweetheart~?"

Resa opened her mouth, then stubbornly shut it, returning his curious look with a slight glare. He had her shirt in his hands, and he fingered the fabric idly.

"Usually I’m the one walking out."

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2nd January 2014



Nathaniel Webb was setting up his sniper rifle, staring down the barrel at where Antoinette Richards was giving a speech in the center of the city. He was short, which Eileen found attractive in a vulnerable kind of way - she kinda wanted to sweep him off his feet. His sunglasses gave him a cool, distantly exotic look, and she wondered what was under them. She could see his lean muscles through his tight, plain clothing.

He was hot.

Unfortunately, he was about to shoot the Boss, so he had to go. Eileen shrugged pragmatically and took aim.

Just as she pulled the trigger, he vanished into the shadows. She pulled away from her sight and looked around wildly.

"So you’re the MC’s sniper~" a voice said from behind her, and she whirled around to see Nathaniel leaning calmly against the chimney behind her.

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1st January 2014



N was just sleeping peacefully on the sofa when suddenly he was suddenly awoken by a boy falling on top of him. There was a chaotic moment of yelling and confusion but they both settled down quickly. It was Issac, falling through a gate above him. And he was a bit bloody, cuts in his arm and a knick in his cheek. “Issac?!”

“N!” The boy happy hugs the other, laughing nervously. “Oh man, no, no you have no idea what kind of day I had!”

It took a moment but soon N got the whole story. Ira, a girl that Svarc was supposed to have control over… was out of control. And for some reason or another was targeting Issac. “She’s nuts! Look at these cuts, the really- agh, sorry! Sorry, I’m messed up your couch!”

“Don’t worry about it!” N quickly dismissed his concern over the furnurture piece, trying to tend to the other boys wounds. “This is more important. I’m glad you got away.”

“Yeah me too.”

N wraps the last of it, happy the damage wasn’t too bad. “What… made you come here though?”

Issac turned a bit red, embarrassed. “I…panicked. And I just wanted to go someplace safe, haha…”

N laughed. “You feel safe here Issac? What about the police headquarters or maybe the hospital?”

“I guess I just feel safest with you.”

There’s a long moment of tense silence between them as N holds the others lower arm, just before it breaks with the both of them laughing till their ribs could take no more.

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